Recruits, get ready! It’s time to battle your way to victory in our Nerf Wars indoor arena, dodging over, under and around obstacles as you take down your opponents. Play a range of Nerf Wars scenarios in your teams including "Capture the Flag" and "Last Man Standing", our Arena is built on inflatables which makes a Nerf War even more fun.

We promote good sportsmanship, cooperation and integrity, fun games and battles. Nerf War sessions are awesome, fun and most importantly safe.
Nerf Wars isn’t just for children; adults can enjoy the fun too! Shoot foam darts at your friends, colleagues and even family. What’s not to love!

Drop In Sessions Our weekend Drop in sessions run every Saturday and Sunday, whatever the weather, our inflatable Nerf Wars arena is ready for you!

Each person is equipped with a Nerf blaster and safety goggles where they will step into the arena for all out Nerf mayhem! Each team battles against each other to achieve objectives like "Capture the Flag" and "Last Man Standing".Players are welcome to bring their own Nerf blasters (Except Megablaster’s which are not permitted.)

You can take part in a 30-minute session for £4 per person, or 2 hours for £10 per person.

See you in the arena!

Nerfday Parties Nerf Wars birthday parties are an easy and hassle free way to spend your little ones birthday! Our parties are packed full of Nerf mayhem and adventure. Challenging and fun, children can have a birthday party with a difference at Nerf Wars Hastings!

Enjoy 2 hours of action packed fun in our indoor Nerf Wars arena for up to 40 friends.
As soon as the party arrives, ashort safety briefing will take place, where you are then equipped with protective goggles and Nerf blaster. You will then step into the arena for all out Nerf warfare that will include games such as ‘Free for all’, ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Last Man Standing’ competitions to become Nerf Topshot!
(Children can bring their own Nerf blasters, apart from Nerf Megablaster’s which are not permitted)

As well as your 2 hours in the arena, you will have exclusive use of one of our party rooms, in which you can decorate with banners, balloons, cakes and nibbles (unfortunately, we do not provide food but you are welcome to bring your own)

You can download and print our Nerf Wars invitations here